New York City Images

Vintage NYC 2D Still Images

To the uninitiated, a search on the internet for images related to A) The 1902 Kosher Beef Boycott or B) period images of New York City Lower East Side (circa 1900) return a few dozen images that are commonly associated with both.  Granted, there may be a treasure trove of photographs out there for both the boycott event and the Lower East Side, through various NYC historical organizations and newspapers. Still, lack of access and visibility to these groups limited the production of our promotional materials to those that were available. With that said, our proposed musical stage play workshop and theatrical production, anticipated as a multi-media event, could indeed benefit from additional imagery, supplied by other entities, if they exist. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about images your organization has and is willing to contribute to our project. Contact us through the website. 

Vintage NYC 3D/Motion/Parallax Images

We are particularly excited about our use of this classic, NYC Lower-East Side imagery in support of advancing the incredibly important Boycott story, inspired by the events of the 1902 Kosher Beef Boycott.

These images are commonly found on the internet. However, using leading-edge digital technology, we have brought these still/2D images to life in an exciting, multi-media blend. To produce high-quality promotional content for the Boycott TV Series and the Musical Stage Play, we have “up-rezzed” the material and then applied 3D Parallax technology. These techniques now deliver compelling cinematic movement to each, greatly enhancing the viewing experience. This technological application adds a tantalizing new dimension to these well-recognized images, providing a higher level of enjoyment and satisfaction to each in a modern and unique way.

NYC/Lower-East Side Motion Video

Using extensive resources – but notably the Library of Congress – a limited amount of motion video from this general period exists (specifically, the videos contained herein are from NYC c. 1911). This website and the blog will host and post some select video clips, of which we are particularly fond. You will notice some are used in various promotional capacities for this project. We know there are many fans of vintage NYC imagery. Our project and this production went through great pains to find what we believe are the best quality, most exciting, and visually compelling images from this period.