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Press Releases

5/12/220 – PR NewsWire:  Show/Website/Project Launch – Short Release 

Jewish Heritage Month (may) Signals Launch of New TV Series — “Boycott” – Inspired by Real-Life Events of the 1902 Kosher Meat Boycott, Led by Jewish Female Immigrants

5/13/220 – Cision/PR Web – Show/Website/Project Launch – Long Release

Jewish Heritage Month (may) Signals Launch of New TV Series — “Boycott” – Inspired by Real-Life Events of the 1902 Kosher Meat Boycott, Led by Jewish Female Immigrants

A Media Kit with comprehensive information, for all Media and Producers, is available. For immediate or urgent access to the Media Kit, please contact, or via the website contact form. 

For interviews and media commentary regarding Boycott: A Limited TV Series, or Boycott: A 1902 New York City Hip Hop Musical Broadway Show, contact Show Creator / Writer Jeff Mustard : 

Images below are suitable for reproduction. To be credited as follows: 

Boycott: A Limited-Edition TV Series


Boycott: A NYC 1902 Hip-Hop Musical

For both title attributions, include the following: TV Series & Musical Stage Play Created & Written by Jeff Mustard. Logos and artwork supplied with approval of Jeff Mustard.   

Boycott Logo


Custom-Created “Ward 10” Logo

The 1902 Kosher Beef Boycott took place (primarily) in “Ward 10” of New York City’s Lower East Side. “I loved these maps,” says show Creator, Jeff Mustard. Mustard created this signature-style “Ward 10” logo as a visual anchor and key “signifier” for “historians and ‘those in the know'” about what “ward 10” and how this little area of New York City’s Lower East side played in early American U.S. history.

BOYCOTT A NYC 1902 Hip-Hop Musical

Album Cover Concept Artwork
“Boycott” Audition Marquée for “Boycott: A 1902 NYC Hip-Hop Musical”

Attention: Media, Producers, Radio Stations, Digital Producers, Podcasters, Bloggers, Academic Orgs, Historical/Religious Entities

Complete Liner Notes, Sample Music Score/Lead Sheets, and Sample Lyrics Package for each song are available in Word doc format to Media, Producers, and appropriate, interested parties. Please contact us using the form on the website. 

Below is an Catalogue /Inventory list of: 

  1. The six songs produced presently for the show.
  2. This list is presented in the “chronological” order of how the material is used based upon a stage performance.
  3. An inventory outline of the various “music” snippets and video created for use by Media, podcasters, bloggers and other with broadcast capability for use on websites, shows, and other programming. 
  • Production Note: While the songs are in chronological order, each stands on their own in terms of the “lyrics/message” conveyed in each. 
  • Further, for example, “Baron’s Beware” is a fascinating history lesson reflecting an exchange between President Theodore Roosevelt and his attorney General, Philander Knox; this exchange delves into riveting backstory concerning Roosevelt’s exposure to “toxic beef” and his “now present desire to settle the score” with the Cattle Baron’s/The Big Six. The 3:52 cut is a drastically reduced version of the entire track which runs 13:38, but in the 3:52 short form, it does nonetheless provide illuminating insights into the Roosevelt/Knox exchange that will be not only entertaining and interesting, but intriguing to audiences, imparting revealing historical facts worthy of excellent, thoughtful, audience engagement and discussion. 

(NOTE: The items in each box, highlighted in red, as an FYI, exist on the website.)

Producers/Editors Programming Note I:

The extensive liner notes included as part of the media kit can be used as “intros” read by hosts, or other on camera/on mic individuals/producers as “segue” material to various of the snippets as the liner notes are detailed explanations of the songs, the lyrics and the description of the scenes of each song.  

Producers/Editors Programming Note II:

Concept: To round out any “productions” radio, digital producers, podcasters, etc, may choose to create regarding the use of the material in any Boycott-related production, producers can grab the audio (or the video) from the Voice Talent/Actors highlight reels to edit together a show, according to producers/podcasters creative desires, based on time/ length that are suitable for your own platform and production needs. 

Programming Note III:

The music catalogue list includes a line item for the full-length tracks (highlighted) for each song. These full-length tracks in their entirety will NOT be made available for play/use on any show. 



We have created videos of varying lengths for use by Media. This includes: 

TV stations


Social Media

Educational Organizations

Historical Groups and Associations

Jewish-Centric entities, etc. 

  • Each below is produced, and available as a Long-Form video AND a Short-Form video. 
  • The Short-Forms are essentially a cut-down/edited “highlights” version of the Long-Form. 
  • These videos contain on-camera commentary by Jeff Mustard AND studio recording highlight with voice actors discussing the key aspects of each song, the “show,” and the “production” at large.


The Inventory of our Videos are as follows:

  1. Boycott Show Promo (Hip Hop Version): 2:05 (Note: this version is more geared toward the “vibe” of Boycott: A NYC 1902 Hip-Hop Musical, even though the “story line” is very much the same, this production is “musically inclined/inspired.”
  2. Jeff Mustard / Boycott Show Promo Overview: 3:23 (Includes on Camera Discussion with Jeff Mustard and Recording Studio Cut-Aways to Music)


  1. “Baron’s Beware” – Long Form: 3:14

      3A:                          Short Form:  :58

  1. “Step Aside”……….Long Form: 3:24

      4A:                           Short Form: :55

  1. “Fanny’s Fury” — Long Form: 4:12

       5A:                         Short Form:  :53

  1. “More in Store” — Long Form: 4:21

        6A:                        Short Form:  :48

Creative Production Suggestions/Ideas for Video/Audio Producers: 

Depending upon “final output/use” by a particular entity, Producers, at their discretion, based upon “intended on-air” time, may do a “mix and match” of any and/or all of these videos – On-Camera, or “audio spoken” intro’s and segues can be taken from the “extended liner notes” commentary and descriptions of each song, providing “hosts” with copy and content that provides “cut-a-ways” (whether audio or video-related) that lead back to the “video” and thereby providing an intro to any song.  

Final Point for Video Producers:  

There are ample still images both of NYC and also Studio Production stills that can also be integrated into ANY “video production” of any desired length by any entity. Upon request by any Media entity, we may be willing to provide the compelling, highly visual, unique, cinematic 3D parallax version of each still image our production utilized to make each image more exciting for today’s youthful and highly-demanding audiences seeking captivating and compelling imagery.